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Farewell Patagonia 150


Patagonia 150, the wonderful year of celebration to mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of Y Wladfa – the Welsh settlement in Patagonia – ended in December 2015.

During 2015, organisations in Wales and Argentina arranged an amazing range of events and countless people of all ages took part in the celebrations. From coffee mornings to a tour by BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the National Youth Choir of Wales, the events were big and small and all showed a profound affection for Welsh culture and great appreciation for what Y Wladfa represents.

Press and broadcast media in Argentina and the UK dedicated many hours and column inches to Patagonia 150. This coverage introduced thousands of people to the story of Y Wladfa and the Welsh language’s survival in Patagonia. The hashtag #Patagonia150 was seen across Twitter and Instagram, and Twitter gave a cheer for Patagonia 150 at 12pm on 28 July, when hundreds of Tweets celebrated the anniversary of the ‘Day of the Landing’ when the first Welsh settlers set foot in Patagonia in 1865.

We hope that the year will have a lasting legacy, with the friendship between Wales and Patagonia strengthened and new links created. For instance, a new concert hall has been created in the province of Chubut at the Predio Ferial in Trelew, a revamped, former wool warehouse, which will house the Chubut Eisteddfod in the future – a lasting monument to Patagonia 150.

This website will soon be archived and we are currently preparing a review of the year, which will be published here for you to read. We will also have a short video of some of the year’s events for you to enjoy.

With thanks to everyone who took part in Patagonia 150.

Walter Ariel Brooks
Patagonia 150 Coordinator