DCSIMG Credits | Patagonia 150


Patagonia 150 logo

Eurig Roberts


Raúl Comes and Daniel Hughes (Chubut Valley) 

Marcelo Roberts (Community of the Andes)

British Council/Mat Wright

British Council Wales Patagonia 150 team

British Council Wales has been asked by the Welsh Government to coordinate the celebrations in Wales, and part of this work has involved developing this website. If you’d like to tell us about what you are doing to join the celebrations, or just want to comment on the website, please do so through our hashtag #patagonia150 or the Patagonia 150 email address

Walter Ariel Brooks - Project Co-ordinator Patagonia 150

Alison Cummins - Communications and External Relations Manager

Lyndsey Halliday - Project and Communication Support Officer

Edmund Thomas - Project Support Officer